Making your Event a Success:

If you’ve never planned a corporate event and the task has been dropped on you; this can be very overwhelming. There are hundreds of reasons to hold a corporate event for example: 1. Your company may need a morale boost 2. Some education training for your sales team 3. Or possibly a weekend training and team building for your management staff. Whatever the reason may be there are steps you should follow and following these steps will help relieve your stress, headaches, and frustration that come with a project like this.

Corporate Event Planning Template:

Event planning is a difficult task and is most difficult for beginners who have never planned an event before. Follow our steps closely and we ensure your event will be a hit:corporate event

    1. Select a theme: Whatever the event may be about or for; sales training, moral booster, or management building skills. It is critical that you select a theme that can hold the event all together. Choosing a theme for your event will help you further done the road for other decisions that come into the event planning process.
    2. You need to set a budget: You should get together a rough estimate on how much everything is going to cost. Gathering information on lodging, food, hiring a speaker, travel, and rentals will be essential when trying to form a budget.
    3. Choosing vendors and venues: Typically you will want a slightly bigger space than you will actually need; you don’t want to plan an event and run out of room. Public relations will be important for your line of work; for example finding a party bus rental mn company for your clients will be a role of your job. You will want to see if the venue is capable or can provide food, furniture, and technical help for presentations and demos. It would be wise to call around requesting quotes and seeing if you can snag any deals due to the amount of people you will be committing to the venue.
    4. Getting together with a carter for a menu should be close to top on your list. You will need to discuss food arrangement’s, and will need to talk to your co-workers to see if there are any food allergies or food dietaries to be taken into consideration( vegetarian, vegan, kosher, peanut allergy, etc.)
    5. Getting out invitations: You will need to do this through snail mail or some kind of electronic mail service that will allow you to get invitations out to all your co-workers. It would be a good idea to set email alerts to make sure people will RSVP on time.
    6. Make a to do list: Creating a master list to guide you through the process and for making notes for things that need to be done before the event. You should make deadlines for tasks, so that you and your team can stay on schedule when planning the event. You should keep an eye on your assigned team to make sure they are staying focus and staying on time. One to two weeks before the event you should go through your notes and lists and make sure things are getting done; and calling and confirming that things will be ready for when you and your company arrive.